Aviation Solutions


Benefits of Customized Aviation Solutions

No outlay of capital funds

By not having to commit large sums of capital up front, you are able to focus your funds on core programs that would not be eligible for outsourcing.

Reduced operating costs

The savings realized through the outsourcing of the adversary support role are estimated to be as much as 60% annually.

Increased levels of service

Contracted airborne services are a dedicated asset with no internal training requirements.  Top Aces is there on time and delivers exactly what is requested from the customer. We have a very high level of customer satisfaction thanks to the highly experienced and dedicated pilots that comprise Top Aces.

Rapid capability renewal

Top Aces has the ability to expand rapidly to meet the training requirements of the US armed services. We can have a capable and effective team in place within days of a service request that would take months or even years to arrange with organic assets.

Alleviate shortages of military personnel

With budgetary cut backs and severe reductions of airborne assets available for training being the new reality, contracted air service makes sense. We can provide cost effective training solutions that can reduce the strains on our very busy service men and women.

Improved return on training investment.

Top Aces hires predominantly former military pilots and engineers in order to seamlessly integrate with the Department of Defense operations and training cycles. The USAF, Marines and USN spend a significant amount of time and money on training its pilots and engineers; Top Aces is an employer of choice for these retiring individuals. Consequently, the current generation of military members is able to benefit from the vast experience pool of the Top Aces team.