Airborne Services

Top Aces uses its fleet of Alpha Jets, A4-N and Westwinds to perform a variety of missions in support of the the military. The versatility of the Alpha Jet and the Westwind, plus the expertise of the Top Aces crews, allow us to provide the required aircraft configuration, flown on the correct profile, to ensure the training needs of the men and women of the military are being met. Top Aces is committed to delivering these essential services.


Current Services Offered

  • Close Air Support Training
  • Anti Shipping Profiles
  • Airborne Adversary Support
  • Aerial Target Towing
  • Combat Dart with Real Time Scoring Feedback
  • Circular Dart with Real Time Scoring Feedback
  • Sea Skimming Targets
  • Surface-to-Air Gunnery Targets
  • Electronic Warfare Training
  • Conversion Course
  • Basic Tactics Course

The equipment currently being utilized to provide this leading edge training

  • AN/AST 6 Radar Emission Simulation Set (RESS)
  • AN/ALQ 167 Electronic Countermeasures Set (ECM)
  • AN/ALQ 503 Electronic Warfare Jamming Pod
  • AN/ALE 503 Chaff Dispenser
  • AST 502 Threat Emissions Simulator (TES).