A-4N Skyhawk

The A-4N and the two-seat TA-4J can be used to augment USAF training as a low cost, high-subsonic (M0.91) 3rd generation adversary aircraft. The A-4N is a single engine, single cockpit aircraft equipped with a Pratt & Whitney J52-P408 engine producing 11,200 lbs of thrust while the TA-4J is a two-seat aircraft with a J52-P8B engine producing 9,300 lbs of thrust.  Both the TA-4J and A-4N are equipped with Escapac IG-3 Zero/Zero ejection systems and survival equipment required for overwater operations.  


A-4N`s can carry up to 3,575 lbs on centerline; 1,200 lbs on each inboard station (2); up to 500 lbs on each outboard stations (2). Both types are equipped with Communications and Navigation Systems (CNS) required to operate in U.S. National and International Airspace. All A-4 aircraft are FAA registered and conform to FAA and ICAO requirements and we maintain full technical data on all A-4 aircraft in our fleet. The aircraft conform to military A-4N specifications, including RADA/TDS Global Positioning navigation and Air-to-Ground (A-G) weapons simulation capability, Radar Warning Receiver, ARC-182 V/UHF radio, ARC-240 UHF radio and Head-Up Display (HUD).  We have enhanced these aircraft with FAA-approved TACAN, improved Intercommunications Systems (ICS), and TCAS I.

Typical A-4N Missions

  • Flight Test Support
  • Photo chase
  • Threat simulation (agressor support)
  • In-flight refueling (receiving and Buddy Store)
  • Target tow
  • Range/instrument calibration
  • Flight Training