Flight Safety

Flight Safety Program

Top Aces' approach to flight safety is based on the understanding that eliminating the accidental loss of aviation resources and minimizing the number of aviation-related accidents is fundamental to the safe and effective execution of flight operations. 

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Top Aces is strongly committed to promoting flight safety in all aspects of operations, awareness and prevention are two of the most effective tools in eliminating the errors associated with Flight Safety occurrences. The goal of Top Aces' flight safety program is to encourage its employees to promote safe flying practices at all times. We promote a culture of safety within the organization, where people are encouraged and empowered to identify and address safety concerns, where the root causes of all flight safety incidents are correctly identified, and corrective measures and actions are taken expeditiously to ensure similar incidents do not occur again.


The aim of the Flight Safety Program is to prevent the accidental loss of aviation resources. The Flight Safety Plan describes in detail the processes, procedures, and policies that Top Aces will utilize to accomplish the overall objective of the Flight Safety Program.  

  • Continuously monitor threats and hazards to flight operations;
  • Investigate all aviation safety occurrences; and
  • Thoroughly analyze the results of these investigations, so that recurrences can be prevented. Everyone within the organization is encouraged to support the management team’s efforts to deliver safe, outstanding flight support to our customers.